Famous Racehorses

Many specimens of different races have passed through the world of hippies, but there are not so many horses that have managed to mark history thanks to their spectacular performances on the tracks. Here are some of those horses that have distinguished themselves for their incredible gifts.

  • Northern Dancer:

Born in 1961 in Ontario, Canada, this thoroughbred was considered by many experts to be the most important of the 20th century. He participated in 18 races and won 14. Also, of the remaining four races, in two, he was second and in another two, he was third. It was dedicated in 1964 and came to generate profits of $ 580,000, which at the time was an immense amount of money.

His breeding was commissioned by Edward P. Taylor, a magnate, and breeder of famed thoroughbreds in Canada. Interestingly, I’ll tell you that Northern Dancer was a small Colt, and his owner couldn’t sell it for the $ 25,000 he asked for when he was a year old, so he took care of his calf.

At the age of two, after being tamed and trained, he made his debut. Ron Truscott rode it and won at the Fort Erie Racetrack in Ontario on August 2, 1963. A second place and a new victory in his third career meant that the owner decided to move him to the stable of the head coach, an Argentine expert named Horacio Luro.

  • Secretariat:

this great alazán, nicknamed “Big Red” (Great Red) won the American Triple Crown in 1973. In his debut he placed fourth, but then surprised by winning his next five runs consecutively, at the age of three he completed the Kentucky Derby in less than two minutes. It took 28 years for another horse to accomplish such a feat. Secretariat managed to win 16 of the 21 races in which he participated.

  • Frankel:

Within two years, this English thoroughbred managed to win the 14 races in which he participated. Its speed reached 64 kilometers per hour and managed to get the best ranking ever in “Timeform”, the table that qualifies the horse class. At the time of his retirement in 2012, this formidable horse reached a value of no less than 130 million euros and was undefeated, something almost never achieved.

The protagonist of poems and paintings by reputed painters, adored in Britain and compared to football stars, which he would surpass in the figures of a transfer if Prince Khalid Abdullah, its owner, had agreed to sell it.

Frankel, four-year-old English thoroughbred, is the best racehorse in history. 14 runs, 14 wins in two years. But his life in the hippodromes is already part of the past since October 20 he won his last triumph in Ascot. Abdullah then announced that Frankel was retiring to be a stallion.

A pity for the fans of the turf, who have seen Frankel’s unstoppable legend grow in just two years, since his first triumph, but an enormous economic operation for his owner, since the valuation in the market of the world’s most popular horse, 130 million euros, has not been built for his ample victories, which have reported about 4 million euros, but for his potential as a stallion.

“Seeing him in action is like seeing Muhammad Ali or Leo Messi,” sighs Blaine Ward, writer of the poem dedicated to the famous equine. A champion horse, Galileo, and a fast mare, Kind, crossed paths to give Frankel privileged genes.

In memory of Billy Frankel, a mythical preparer killed by leukemia, he received his name, and cancer has continued to surround his life because his current coach, Henry Cecil, fights a stomach tumor.

  • Spectacular Bid:

Born in 1976. At the age of two, in his third career, he managed to win with an amazing 15-body lead. In his fourth career, he managed to win it to General Assembly, a son of Secretariat for which everyone was betting. He managed to reap many great victories before retiring from the tracks.