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History of Horse Racing

In our horse blog, we provide you the importance of the greatest history of horse racing and different types of races nowadays. What are the important things about horse stables and racing that you should know? First of all, you should know that horse racing is a sport that involves minimum of two horses which are ridden by people called jockeys. Every country has developed a different tradition that consists of different tracks for running, different kinds of obstacles and distances. This sport has become a tradition many years before and in this horse blog, you will discover the greatest history of racing.

History of Horse Racing

Although horse running is an ancient sport, it was always well organized. Because of the archeological proves as the myths and legends, the first horse racing started in Ancient Greece. In that far ancient period, equestrians (people that were part of the Olympic Games in 1900) wanted to show their skills through races and games. Horse racing was the best way of using their specialized skills as a competition between horse riders and have a lot of fun while riding.

There are many types of horse racing but our horse blog provides you some of them that are important for improving your knowledge:

Flat racing

This riding is the most common type worldwide. There are many variations of this type and all different. Flat racing consists of an oval track where the running is over distances that range from 400 meters. The flat races such as Melbourne Cup, Kentucky derby and many others are the most prestigious runs in the middle of this range. There are two categories of flat races; Condition races where the horses are given to carry the same weight and Handicap races that are opposite of the condition race.

National hunt flat or Jump racing

This jump racing consists of divided two-part races; the first one is called Steeplechase where horse riders should jump different fences and obstacles. The second one is a hurdle race where the obstacles are three and a half high hurdles.

Endurance racing

This race has many variations. It depends on the country’s tradition horse riding and it can vary from ten miles’ endurances until a hundred miles. It is divided into some important categories that our blog mentioned that you might want to know:

  • Rides from 10-20 miles called pleasure rides.
  • From 21-27 miles ride called non-competitive rides.
  • Competitive trail rides from 20-45 miles.
  • Progressive rides from 25-60 miles.
  • And the last one as the largest ride from 40-100 miles

Top 8 Biggest Races Today

You might ask yourself what are the famous races nowadays. As a horse blog we have the opportunity to offer you a list of the most celebrated horse races:

- Kentucky derby
- Dubai world cup
- Prix de l’arc de triomphe
- Breeders’ cup classic
- Sheema classic

- Pegasus world cup
- Melbourne cup
- The Everest
- Japan cup
- Epsom derby

Modernization and Virtual Races in Sport Casinos

Virtual horse races have become big popularity in online casino sports betting. You can bet on virtual horses while picking the horse you think it will win and also watch the whole horse race process. As you can bet on normal in an online casino, there are many welcome casino bonuses on your first real money deposit. Different welcome and other type of casino bonuses attract players. The modernization of virtual races in most of the online casinos gives you a chance to bet on virtual horse races with no deposit bonuses allowed and get higher payout.

Most Famous Horse Stables

There are many famous horse stables but as the most breathtaking stables, this horse blog provides you the northwestern lake riding stables that are offering the beauty of amazing colorful wildflowers, overlooks, and waterfalls. These northwestern stables are surrounded by great mountains and the only way to see the area in to pop on a horseback. It is located in Columbia Gorge.

The other popular place that our horse blog has chosen for visiting is Sledmere House Stables. This place is visited by people from all over the world. Many years before the tradition of horse running started and become a common thing in the Sledmere area. The area is free to be explored and offers many ancient things that were used in history during horse running so the visitors can see them.

The Blue horse is also a part of the world important stables and it is located in Denmark. The riders from Blue horse stables participate in many international horse riding competitions and have won many awards. These stables are built with glamour and have the best quality that attracts visitors, so that our horse blog give you some reasons of visiting that will make you to think about it.

As one of the most equipped and beautiful Stable that our horse blog has chosen is Park House Stables that is located in Kingsclere. This yard was built many years before in history but still is well maintained. As a private stable, it can be used at any time that is necessary for the care and the training of the horses.

And the last one but not less important in our horse blog is The Calumet Stables. It has a very beautiful picturesque of built red windows and white color as an attractive contrast for the visitors.