Betting on Horse Racing

How to Place a Wager on a Horse Race?

Horse racing sports betting news has become very popular recently. Many players place a wager on a horse race to feel excited and get some money. Following the news recently, we met some new different types of horse racing wagers that allow people to play them even online.

betting on horse racing

Odds examples

If horse racing odds are shown as 5-1, 7-2 it means that these odds express the amount of the profit to the amount that is invested. So, 7-2 odds show that for every 2$ that you have invested, you get 7$ in return.

Types of horse racing bets

There are two types of horse racing wagers:

  • Straight wagers that are simple bets and you can bet on horses, which one of the horses will take the first, second or third place.
  • Exotic wagers are multiple bets that required knowledge before betting on multiple horses. It can be quite expensive and it is not recommended for beginners.

Straight wagers

Straight wagers include the following horse racing bets:

  • If you think that your horse will take the first place you bet on a win.
  • You can bet that your horse will take first or second place. Whether your horse finishes first or second, the win is yours.
  • This option provides you to bet on your horse to take first, second or third place. The payout can be very low, but you have more chances for winning.
  • Across the board. It included all in one: win, place, and show. It means that you have three bets in one. It can be costly and not worthwhile.
  • Win/Place, Place/Show. In the first one, you bet on your horse to win and place, so it is two in one. If your horse wins, you take money from both, but if it takes the second place you take just the place money. In the second bet, if your horse finishes second you take money for a place and show, but if it takes the third place, you can just take the show money.

Other wagers

According to some news recently, these wagers are also called “exotic wagers” and include the following racing bets:

  • Exacta. You should bet in the exact order of your two horses if they will come on the first or second place. This bet is very popular and you can collect more money.
  • The order is not important here, just you bet on your two horses in first and second place. The payout from quienella is higher than exacta even If they look the same.
  • As the same name, you bet on three horses to finish on the first, second and third place in exact order.
  • The four horses must finish on the first, second, third and fourth place in exact order.
  • Daily double. You bet on who will be the winner of two consecutive races. This wager is very popular and played.
  • Pick 3. It is very similar to the trifecta. You should select the winner of three consecutive races before the first begins.
  • Pick 4. The same as Pick 3 just instead of three races, you choose the winner of four.
  • Pick 6. You bet to win one of the six races horse.

Useful Tips

Following the news around social media, there are many online casino sites for sports betting where you can bet online on horse racing and use casino bonuses. The online casino news sites such as Vegas Online betting and many more, offer you a no deposit bonus as free money. With a welcome bonus, online casino sites allow you to use it for betting on horses and make real money. From many researches and news, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in online betting.

When laying down bets on races, these tips can help you identify a prospective winner:

  1. Ground: Racetracks differ in their surfaces, and top online casinos offer a variety of events. Different track surfaces can significantly influence the outcome of a race. Some horses perform better on synthetic dirt, while others excel on turf.
  2. Running Shape: Results in previous events of the season can indicate the horse’s form, and it’s always desirable to wager on a consistent or improving horse.
  3. Distance: The layout of racetracks also varies in length. Check how horses have fared during the current and previous seasons at the same distances.